How Pablo made creating social media posts easy

Pablo is awesome. What is Pablo? I am glad you asked.

Are you designing image posts for social media? Well, then there is great news as you read on.

Social media experts stress the significance of images to gain impressions/views. 
However, creating an image post is quite cumbersome in Photoshop. Frankly, it just takes too much time.

One day I discovered Canva. Creating image posts became simple. Layering, filters, cropping, etc. along with predefined templates; What more can you ask?

Life was good, till I met Pablo. BAM! Simple became easy.

The above image post was made using Pablo.

  1. Selecting canvas size: You can pick a canvas for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Each platform has its dimension rules for images; Pablo takes this into consideration.
  2. Selecting a background: I normally select free stock Photos from Unsplash; High resolution photos that are free to use. Pablo uses Unsplash by default for inserting background images.
  3. Writing the text: The text section is divided into a header, body, and caption. It also generates random inspirational quotes for you.
  4. Setting your logo: Upload your logo once and forget about it. You have the option to hide it, change the size and add the radius to make it rounded.
  5. Sharing the post: One click share to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram; You can also download or buffer the post.

Even writing the text can be eliminated by using the Pablo extension for Chrome .

"Art is the elimination of the unnecessary." Pablo Picasso

Still can’t believe it’s that simple. Give it a try : Pablo .
I bet you won’t regret it.