Hash: You can't smoke it but you can download it.

Simplest way of getting news highlights of Twitter.

Twitter is quite incredible at delivering the news around the world, sometimes even better than the media.

However, as the number of people you follow increases, your feed is disarrayed with a lot of noise; and obtaining the relevant news for the day can be a big challenge.

Hash solves this problem by presenting the most important news of that day along with the top tweets talking about those stories.

You might be imagining: “Alright, so it good at organizing news.”
Well, it is remarkably good at that. But wait there is more: * There is no need to log in, for you to read the highlights. * It has a tastefully designed interface, that makes reading the news uber-fun. * Every story includes a brief from Wiki, to give you a quick overview and as you scroll down you can read the tweets related to that hashtag. * Apart from the big stories, you can also read news about different categories like Music, Technology, Talk Shows, Finance, Sports, Travel, Photography, Fashion. * You can also subscribe to get a daily round of the news in your mailbox.

I highly recommend to this to people who are short of time and need a snapshot of global events in 5-10 minutes. Even otherwise it is an excellent way to consume news highlights. But be careful as you may get high on it and want some every day. I kid you. Check it out : Hash.